How do you start writing a blog?

I didn’t really know how to start this blog. What is a suitable ‘hello’ post? It is clear, from the fact that this site exists, that I have the intention of blogging, so there is no particular need for me to start by saying I intend to start blogging and yet it seems rude to jump into the deep end with no introduction. So how do I start?

This morning, I was on the train heading up to the deep deep north (Oakwood). On the train was a couple. Now, I would love to say I am not a judgemental type of person, but that would be a lie. I judge people on appearance. I wish I didn’t, I wish I could say I am brilliant at accepting anyone on first sight, alas I cannot. I judged this couple to be a certain type of person.

There are very few people (that I have ever encountered at any rate) who do not look at someone and expect something from them. It is almost natural, and those that genuinely do not judge on sight are the kind of people that I always admire and long to be like.

That is not an excuse, just my opinion on what I see around me. Anyway, I judged this couple and was proved horribly wrong. Reminding me, once more, that I really need to lower my own opinion of my opinion and trust that I know nothing.

That is how I am starting this blog. I know nothing. I know what I think I know (are you following?) and I know that I will stand firm on that. I am, however, not afraid of being proved wrong. One of the things I love about reading (and writing) blogs, is that you get to see so much more of the world. You get to experience it as others see it.

This is not always a pleasant experience, but it is often eye opening. It helps me to remember that I am tiny, and live in a place which I can never quite understand. It reminds me that life is an adventure, that God is infinite and worthy of my praise and that there is always more to see and learn.

So, in summary – my intention is to write about what I see (as with all blogs) and to share the random thoughts that pop into my brain with anyone willing to read them. It could get messy. Is this an appropriate start to a blog?


  • “I am, however, not afraid of being proved wrong.”

    You should be afraid Katharine. In fact you should be absolutely terrified. Why? Because the claims of religion are false, and this places you in very tricky position personally. My advice for an easy life: don’t read the atheist books. Because once the penny drops, there’s no going back. And then all sorts of consequences will follow which I’m not sure you’ve considered. Please take care.

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