Just a quick little post, to say thank you to all of those who have sent me messages of support. I am sorry not to have got back to everyone personally. I just wanted to acknowledge and thank you for the prayers and book recommendations, and kindness that has been offered. It is very much appreciated.

It’s not always easy to know how best to respond to so much love. So I am doing it this way. I don’t really have the words to fully describe how much it means. So this will have to do!


  • Just wanted to say well done for writing a brilliant blog post on depression and doing a brilliant, honest and Jesus pointing interview in the Telegraph. There is blogging community of people that are involved in five minute friday (http://lisajobaker.com/2013/05/five-minute-friday-brave-2/) They all write for 5 minutes uneditted on the same word. This week the word was brave. For me to be brave, I would share my struggles with depression publically, not just in places where I can be anonymous. You have personified what being brave would look like for me. Thank you. I hope I get to a place where I can join you in sharing, encouraging others and pointing to God’s faithfulness.

    • Katherine, thank you for your post regarding Depression and also for your courage in articulating, as best you can, what it means to you and how you attempt to live above it. It was a refreshing post devoid of ‘me’ but focussing on something that is a blight on so many lives. Well done on living your life with courage as well as conviction. It must run in the family I should say.

  • Hi Katharine,
    so,I bought the Sunday Telegraph this Sunday last and read an article about when you had depression then did start to turn it around. So,who am I to give my 2 cents on that one? Well,I worked in three countries from Commerce to Study Law,did Martial Arts and so much more. I have been in Britain now for thirteen years and were in the USA for more than twelve. Have I been tested or what. So,what did I learn by going down and getting up quite some times when people did not think it would be possible? This is what I learned and this is huge for you to adopt as a way of viewing things. We cannot change the world everywhere. We cannot save all. But positivity is at hand. Now, we deal with problems from pollution to abuses that were not even tackled thirty years ago. Concerning you, Katharine, you are in an amazing position,like an heroine, if you like. Because of where you are, your skills,intelligence and compassion,here is the formulas (this is how I word them). You have got far more power than you think to be a “protector” of the weaker in so many ways.

    a) You cannot not do mistakes,errors and accidents as mathematically it will arise. The best way to live,is to the the least of it,repair it and share back what you learned as wisdom.
    b) Perfection does not exist: to try excellence tough,does and that is the only perfection.
    c) You must laugh as it keeps you young and in control: watch funny movies and good comedians or shoes.
    d) be the best ambassador of yourself: in other words,act with nobility of mind. You will not believe how much smiles,and strong good vibes comes back.

    In a nutshell,just start to do positive marks hat shall stay way behind you when you depart.
    It is all good. This life is linked to the one when we live this place. But first of all: do not cheat yourself by having despair in any form. You are so much more than that. Who am I? for this occasion only a high messenger: as you must know by now,our Maker speaks in mysterious ways…Byeeeeee

  • Thank you so much for your honest insight into depression Katharine, I found it very encouraging! Over the past 2 weeks, 5 different people have either cut out your article in the paper for me, or given me the link to your blog…So I felt that maybe the big JC was trying to tell me something (not really sure what…!)
    Anyway, I also write a blog, http://www.letstalkaboutdepression.blogspot.com which started about 2 years ago. It has helped me so much! Coincidently, I am also the daughter of a C of E clergyman…and we appear to be the same age! Ooo world of the strange. Haha.
    I know what its like when you get a rush of comments, and you feel so bad for not getting back to people (I’m awful at that!) So please don’t feel you have to reply, but I just wanted to give you a massive high 5 and generally say ‘top banana’.
    Love and prayers, Susie x

  • Hi Katharine, again i am one of who did saw your video on the news.
    but anyway i just wanted to pass this quote for you …

    “Your remedy is within you – but you do not sense it.
    Your sickness is within you – but you do not perceive it.
    You presume that you are a small entity – whereas within you is concealed the vast world.
    You are indeed that magnificent book – by whose alphabet the hidden becomes evident.” Imam
    this is saying speaks about the human being and his/her essence. Don’t underestimate yourself you are preserved for something good!

  • Dear Katherine,

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your honesty. As another sufferer of depression, you’ve been so inspiring to me. I hope you don’t mind, but my last blog post is about you!

    Lizzi 🙂

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