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Here are links to other articles, guest blogs etc that I have written, talks I have done should anyone be interested!

Christian Today, interview with Ruth Gledhill about Walking Alongside – July 2016

St Paul’s, Ealing, sermon ‘how do we engage with mental health?‘ – July 2016

New Wine Leaders, Wholeness event, talk on a leaders response to mental health – June 2016

Christian Today, article Mental Health is not something that happens to other people – May 2016

St George’s Holborn, sermon Faith and Disappointment – March 2016

Greenbelt, talk – not currently available but should be again soon – August 2015

Things Unseen, interview for ‘The Word‘ – August 2015

Premier Christian Radio, Drivetime takeover with Carrie Lloyd, talking hopelessness and relationships – August 2015

Threads UK, guest blog ‘the problem with authenticity‘ – June 2015

Telegraph Wonder Woman, guest blog, I’m not brave – May 2015

Wonder Woman, interview – April 2015

Threads UK, guest blog ‘The narrative of victory and suffering‘ – January 2015

Newsnight, short film on stigma around mental health – October 2014

Livability, guest blog on world mental health day – October 2014

Christian Today, interview with Carey Lodge on mental health – October 2014

Youth work summit, talk – Down but not out – June 2014

Concrete, guest blog ‘Vulnerable leadership and mental health‘ – May 2014

Threads UK, guest blog ‘Why I believe the Bible is God’s word‘ – May 2014

Christian New Media Conference, Easy as ABCD – November 2013

Youthwork magazine, Life in the Dark – November 2013

Tanya Marlow, Thorns and Gold, guest post ‘Light in the dark‘ 5th November 2013

Hello Magnify, interview with Madeleine Miller – Autumn 2013

Threads UK, guest blog ‘Outside looking in‘ – August 2013

Time to Change, guest blog ‘My experience of talking about depression‘ – May 2013

BBC Breakfast, interview – May 2013

Telegraph, interview with Cole Moreton on living with depression, May 2013

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  • Dear Katherine
    I suffered from severe depression 1964-1980 then God told me how to fight it off. I’ve not had it since and that’s 37 years freedom.
    I would like to give you my testimony but need a contact number or address.

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