A paleo beginning


20140430-225345.jpgI have not been very present on here recently. I have about 6 started blogs, some of which may see the light of day, but I have never really finished anything as my energy is mostly spent trying to find a way to cope.

See, things have been awesome – got married, living with my husband, nice flat, cool gifts etc etc and yet I have been more tired and run down over the past six months than I can remember being.

It’s not just the mental health stuff – although my psychiatrist is all over that, it is something else, which my psychiatrist is all over too, but I have had enough.

I am tired of being too tired to have any form of social life, of being too tired to work more than one day in a row. I am now down to a two day working week, which may sound wonderful – and I am not complaining it is great – but I seem to have no more time to do any of the things that I would have thought I could do, should I only work two days a week.

Why? Because I am so exhausted getting up each day hurts. Now I know, I just got married, big change tiredness expected. Also, depressed – tiredness expected. But this is different. It is more intense and more life debilitating than what I have known before.

So, while my psychiatrist and Dr work away at what is going on physically to top off my mental medley of needs, I am taking things into my own hands as far as I can.

This is my first adventure on the journey to greater health and energy. Perhaps I am in dreamland and it will not help, but I am going to go into it with all the gusto I can manage.

I have been inspired by the Whole Food Diary – a really fun and interesting food blog written, which I was introduced by my mentor, due to the fact her daughter writes it. This is an adventure into good food, that is healthy and good for the body, it is creative and interesting food that just looks too tasty on my instagram feed to ignore.

The paleo diet, from what I can tell (and I really am at the very beginning) is a diet that takes you back to the basics – hunting and gathering. Now, I am not going to go out hunting and gathering, but I am going to start to investigate what goes into my body. I think it could be interesting, and at the very least will give me a fun project in the making and at the best could even make me feel fitter and healthier. I am not really sure how much of this adventure I will share on this blog… but I thought I would share my first foray.

A foray that merely meant purchasing a book. I am yet to cook anything…..


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