About Walking Alongside

I started speaking publicly about my own mental health problems in 2013. In response to this I heard from hundreds of people in similar situations.

One particular aspect of my mental health journey I have focussed on, is the response I have got over the years from Christians and churches. I was surprised by how many people came back to me saying that they had the same experience, but their issue wasn’t mental ill health.

It appears that often, the church struggles to respond well to those who are in a long term situation that they don’t want to be in – whether that is singleness, childlessness, grief, physical illness, mental illness or any other number of situations.

I found that there was a growing conversation about how the church could better walk alongside, encourage, support and minister to those in these situations.

I want to join in this conversation, and through the Walking Alongside aspect of my blog I will be asking guest writers to share their experience of suffering in the church. Some people will be able to share great practise, others will point to ways the church and Christians could learn and grow.

I will also be asking some people to contribute theological input, to explore the theology around suffering, and look at some of the hard questions.

I want this to be a place of honest open conversation, not a place to bash the church or offer judgment and condemnation. Hopefully, through this small contribution to the wider conversation we will learn together how we can better ‘do life’ with those whose life situations seem to be challenging the theology we understand.

If you would like to contribute, please do send me an email (see the contact page for details) with a little about your story.

I hope you enjoy joining in the conversation!